Goblin Valley

Goblin Valley is a state park located in Utah.

Goblin Queen

A Goblin formed from a soft limestone, water and time offer a unique hiking experience.

Formed by water, time and a soft sandstone, erosion sculpted the limestone into unique rock formations which some have stated appears to be goblins.  Goblin Valley itself is a day use hiking area which allows one to get lost in the maze of spires and rock formations.

Goblin King Each rock spire ranges in height from 3 feet to about 20 feet tall.  The fragile structures litter the landscape and sadly on occasion have been felled by people who do not have respect for nature.  There are three established self, however the Valley of the Goblins is a open trail flat mud plane after a easy and short trail down from the parking area.

Goblin Valley State Park does offer an established campground of 22 campsites just over a hill from the Valley of the Goblins.  The campground features, paved sites, bathrooms, showers, water and dump stations.



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