Big Bear

Big Bear Lake covered in snow.
Big Bear Lake covered in snow.

Big Bear Lake is located in the San Bernardino mountains of California about 90 miles east of Los Angeles in southern California.  The area is a full four season resort which offers great skiing in the winter.  Big Bear 4×4 trails offer a variety of opportunities from the daily driver to a purpose built 4×4. Hiking, biking, boating and camping are great activities in the spring, summer and fall.

Cleghorn located outside of Big Bear, CA
A Big Bear 4×4 trails, Cleghorn is located west of Big Bear, CA

Located at 7000 ft above sea level, Big Bear 4×4 trails offer a nice opportunity to get above the heat of the surrounding areas low land areas of the Los Angeles basin. Big Bear has a huge 4×4 following, and a wide variety of back roads, campsites and jeep trails offer something for everyone.

The John Bull Trail will test any 4×4 while Skyline drive offers scenic views for almost any vehicle in a lazy trail which climbs above and behind the Snow Summit Ski Resort.  Lake Arrowhead, Green Valley Lake and Holcomb Valley all offer scenic drives and a rich history.

Dishpan Springs, Big Bear, CA
Dishpan Springs, Big Bear, CA

Holcomb Valley is about five miles north of Big Bear Lake and the site of the most gold mined in Southern California.  Gold was discovered in the area by William F. Holcomb in 1860.  There are several mine sites, structures and various ruin that offer an opportunity to explore.

Due to recent fires in the area, Big Bear is undergoing a rejuvenation. Old growth forest were burnt, but new life is literally growing up from the ashes.  Although not beautiful in the traditional way, the burn can be a wonderful learning experience and opportunity to experience nature fighting back to recover from destruction.

Big Bear Trail Map

Big Bear Trails

Bear Bear Lake, California

Clarks Grade 1N54

Clarks Grade 1N54 is a steep and scenic descent from the top of Skyline drive and Snow Summit down to Angeles Oaks from Big Bear.…
Cleghorn located outside of Big Bear, CA

Cleghorn Ridge 2N47

Cleghorn located outside of Big Bear, CA Cleghorn Ridge is a 4x4 trail which leads from the I-15 at the Cleghorn exit to Silverlake State…
Dishpan Springs, Big Bear, CA

Dish Pan Springs 3N34

Also known as the Deep Creek Trail, Dish Pan Springs offers a short but hardcore trail in Big Bear. Dishpan springs trail contains large boulders…

Gold Mountain 3N69

Gold Mountain Trail Head The Gold Mountain 3N69 Trail can be found in the San Bernardino National Forest near Big Bear Lake. The favored direction…

Holcomb Valley Road 3N14

Holcomb Valley Road 3N14 takes you through scenic Holcomb Valley Holcomb Valley Road 3N14, is a main artery in the road system above and behind…

Jacoby Canyon 3N61

Jacoby Canyon 3N61 Trail head Jacoby Canyon 3N61 is a trail which can be found in the San Bernardino National Forest near Big Bear Lake.…
Bear Bear Lake, California

John Bull Trail 3N10

The John Bull Trail 3N10 has the solid reputation as one of the toughest and most challenging trails in the Big Bear mountains of San Bernardino…
Bear Bear Lake, California

Skyline Drive 2N10

Skyline Drive 2N10 is the unofficial name for USFS Road 2N10 that begins just west of Big Bear village off Mill Creek road, and heads…
Bear Bear Lake, California

Snow Slide Trail 2N13

Snow Slide Trail (2N13) connects Green Valley Lake to Fawnskin, in San Bernardino, California. The Green Valley Lake trail head is located by the campground…
Bear Bear Lake, California

Sugarpine Mountain 2N49

Sugarpine Mountain trail is moderately difficult and starts at the edge of San Bernardino and finishes in the Silverlake State Park.  The trail is designated…
Bear Bear Lake, California

Willow Creek Road 3N34

Willow Creek road is an easy gentle ride located near Big Bear, California. The easy trail runs from Hooks Creek Road to Highway 173 and…

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