Heading into Titus Canyon, Death Valley,

Heading into Titus Canyon, Death Valley,

California Trail and Destinations

California 4×4 Destinations and Trailmap

California Ghosttowns

  • Aurora, Nevada
    Aurora is a ghost town in Mineral County near the California border. Aurora is often mentioned as a footnote to…
  • Bodie, California
    Bodie is the ghost town by which all others are judged.  Located at 8300 in the Bodie Hills above Mono…
  • Bodie and Aurora rivalry continues in the modern era, what is the true distance between the ghost towns?
    Two towns located in the hills above Mono Lake maintain an unofficial rivalry that continues even now, long past their…
  • Cerro Gordo
    Located in the Inyo Mountains on the eastern side of Owens Valley, Cerro Gordo is a currently a ghost town…
  • Goffs, CA
    Originally known as Blake, Goffs, CA is a small unincorporated community located off of Route 66 in the Mojave desert…
  • Masonic
    Originally known as Lorena, Masonic is a ghost town located in the mountains north east of Bridgeport, California.  Masonic was…
  • Skidoo
    Skidoo was famous in the first decade of the 20th century when gold had been found in the area and…


California Campgrounds

Important: if you want to have a campfire in California, you need a Campfire permit.

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