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A few days ago, I saw a YouTube video about a pretty cool, inexpensive, pocket size tool called the Tighty Clamp.  It’s a useful little tool that allows virtually anyone to make a professional looking hose clamp using 14 to 18 gauge steel wire.  The original idea behind this product is that you can make hose clamps for your home and/or car, but we choose to focus on the ability to do field repairs on your 4×4.  The important concept here is that with this tool, a roll of wire and a pair of pliers, you can make custom wire clamps of any size and for more than just hoses.  I thought of several applications for this little device so I quickly ordered one for my tool kit.

The first advantage of the Tighty Clamp, is that it’s easy to use.  Watch the video and you will see, it takes just a few moments and you are good to go.  This is also true with regular hose clamps but you need to have several sizes in your tool kit.  With a Tighty Clamp, a roll of wire and a pair of pliers you can make any size clamp you need.

Another advantage is in the design of the product is the thumb screw and bolt serve as both the tightening mechanism and locking lever.  You can easily get the clamp very tight, in many cases, tighter than a standard hose clamp.  Typically with standard hose clamps, you are using a blade screw driver to tighten the clamp.  On more than one occasion, I have broken the screw mechanism when tightening the clamp.  Also, underneath the screw on the hose clamp there is a flat spot, not a good thing if you are clamping fuel line as it’s a weak spot and possible leak source.

Typical hose clamps are, to quote Alton Brown, “Unitaskers”, which means that they don’t work well for other purposes.  Sure, hose clamps can be used for some other purposes, but the Tighty Clamp is more versatile and takes up very little room in your tool box.  Ribbon straps used by standard hose clamps do not work well on oddly shaped materials.  Most hose clamps are just that, hose clamps, but a length of steel wire has many options in the back country, you can wrap a wire around just about any object.  I am guessing you have a roll of emergency wire in your tool kit right now, prepared Off Roaders always do.

Finally, the best part about the Tighty Clamp, in my opinion, is that it’s inexpensive and American made.  The tool is made and assembled in a garage, by it’s inventor in California.  It’s made of Steel and machined Aluminum and built to last. You’ll be glad you have it when you need a quick clamp for yourself or a fellow Off Roader, in an emergency situation.

Here is the youtube video:


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