Anniversary Mine and Narrows

Annivesary Mine Narrows

Annivesary Mine Narrows

The Anniversary Mine trail is truly a fun place to go and the location has a little bit of everything.

Located in the Muddy Mountain Wilderness of the Lake Mead National Recreation Area, the Anniversary Mine was founded in 1921.  The colomanite mine operated at seven years until 1928 and produced an estimation 200,000 tons of ore.  The mine is located a short ways off North Shore Road (167).  There exist some foundations, and tunnels along with some minor infrastructure of the operation.

Should you drive down into the wash you have the opportunity to continue on to the left, or you can turn right and drive towards the mine narrows located at the end of the canyon.  The only obstacle is right at the beginning and and easy to get past with some clearance.   Once past the trail is just a wash, but do yourself a favor.  Part the 4×4 and walk it.  There are things to explore all along the route to the narrows and it is a great excuse the get out of the truck.  The slot canyon is about 1/4 of a mile in length and a nice hike on a hot day.

Anniversary Mine Narrow

Anniversary Mine Narrows


Anniversary Mine 4×4 Trail and Destinations

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