Douglas County

Douglas County Pony Express Stations

Friday's Station was a Pony Express station at Lake Tahoe - (Nevada Historical Society

Friday’s Station – Pony Express

Friday's Station is Union Army Military Post and Pony Express Station located near Lake Tahoe, in Douglas County, Nevada. The two story building is originally…
Simpson expedition, Genoa, Nevada, 1859

Genoa Station – Pony Express

Originally part of the Utah Territory, Genoa is a former Pony Express Station and unincorporated community in Douglas County, Nevada. The settlement was first founded…
Pony Express Riders "Billy" Richardson, Johnny Fry, Charles Cliff, Gus Cliff - Ernest and Elaine Hartnagle (original tintype from the Martin E. Ismert Collection - Kansas City, Missouri) -

The Pony Express Trails and Stations In Nevada

The Pony Express operated for a very brief period of time from April 3, 1860, to October 26, 1861. The mail service allowed quick delivery…
Van Sickle's Station 1870

Van Sickle’s Station – Pony Express

The Van Sickle's Station is the second Pony Express Station encountered when traveling east from Friday’s Station at the California/Nevada State Line. The Van Sickle…