Esmeralda County

Esmeralda County 4×4 trails are in one of the first counties in Nevada when it was founded in 1861.  The country was named after Esmeralda the gypsy dancer from the Victor Hugo novel The Hunchback of Notre Dame by James Manning Cory, a California Miner from San Jose.  

The original jurisdiction was in the Nevada Territory south of the 39th parallel and East of Mason Valley.  The territory was nearly cut in half with the foundation of Nye County in February 1864. The later formation of Mineral County further decreased the size of this County.

Aurora, Nevada as it existed in the 1800s was the Esmeralda County seat.
Aurora, Nevada as it existed in the 1800s was the Esmeralda County seat.

The original county seat Aurora, Nevada was maintained from 1861 to 1883. Oddly enough, Aurora was at one time the county seat for both Esmeralda County and Mono County in California at the same time.  Hawthorne, Nevada held the honor from 1883 to 1907.  The seat is currently held by Goldfield, Nevada.  Esmeralda county contains 3,589 square miles and 783 people as of the 2010 census.

Boundary Peak has an elevation of 13,147 feet and it located in the county.

Esmeralda Trail Map

Esmeralda County 4×4 Trails

Esmeralda County Ghost Towns

Located in Blair, Nevada the Pittsburg-Silver Peak Gold Mining Mill

Blair Nevada

Blair Nevada is a ghost town and mine site located in Esmerelda County.   The town site is located a few miles north of Silver…
Columbia, Nevada - Paher

Columbia Nevada

The Columbia Nevada ghost town and mine site is location just one mile north of Goldfield in Esmeralda County Nevada. Originally named Stimler, the town…

Columbus Nevada

Downtown Columbus, Nevada, late 1870's. Spanish miners discovered silver in the area in 1863. A small mining camp was established in the area which became…
DiamondField Nevada - 1904 - Paher

Diamondfield Nevada

Located just five miles north-northeast of Goldfield, Diamondfield is a ghost town and mine camp in Esmeralda County, Nevada. The camp was founded by Jackson…
Hornsilver / Gold Point Nevada in 1908

Gold Point Nevada

Founded in 1860s, Gold Point, is a ghost time and silver mining camp located in Esmerelda County, Nevada. The townsite was known by three different…
Lida Tent City in 1905

Lida Nevada

Now on private property, Lida Nevada is a ghost town and mining camp located in Esmeralda County, Nevada just off State Route 266. The area…
Nivloc mine and camp - Tonopah Times-Bonanza - Nevada Ghost Towns and Mining Camps - Paher

Nivloc Nevada

In 1907, Gold was discovered at the town site which would be known as Nivloc Nevada by a Native American prospector. The town derived its…

Palmetto Nevada

Tent business in Palmetto, 1906 Palmetto Nevada is a ghost town located just off of highway 168 about 30 miles west of Lida, in Esmeralda…
Tents and autos parked along side during during the goldrush of 1927 - Leonard Trayner Collection - Paher

Weepah Nevada

The site of the last major gold rush in 1927, Weepah Nevada is a ghost town and gold mine site located in Esmeralda County. Named…


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