Camp Phallus – New York Mountains

Located in Caruther’s Canyons of the New York Mountains, Camp Phallus is named for a “unique” rock formation visible from the campsite.  This is a primitive site, no posted sights, just a series of short trails to isolated sites, each of which can support several vehicles.

A beautiful place to camp and it offers cooler temperatures during to summer months due to its 5500 ft of elevation.

Camping in Camp Phalus - New York Mountains

Camping in Camp Phalus – New York Mountains

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Afton Canyon Campground

Called the Grand Canyon of California, Afton Canyon and the Afton Canyon Campground offer amazing access to the Old Mojave Road, surroundings areas and an excellent spot for astronomers to view the night sky.

Afton Canyon Campground is in the heart of the Mojave at 1640 feet in elevation and  is a great place for birding and wildlife due to close proximity to the Mojave River which is briefly above ground in this area.

Afton Canyon Campground Site 5

Afton Canyon Campground Site 5

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Goblin Valley

Goblin Valley is a state park located in Utah.

Goblin Queen

A Goblin formed from a soft limestone, water and time offer a unique hiking experience.

Formed by water, time and a soft sandstone, erosion sculpted the limestone into unique rock formations which some have stated appears to be goblins.  Goblin Valley itself is a day use hiking area which allows one to get lost in the maze of spires and rock formations.

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Mahogany Flat

Mahogany Flat Campground lies at 8,200 feet in the Panamint Mountain Range. It provides access to hiking and backpacking, as well as mountaineering opportunities.

The campground is located next to Thorndike Campground along Emigrant Canyon Road. The trail leading to Telescope Peak and down Tuber Canyon begins at this campground.

The site is open from March to November and makes a good place to escape the summer heat of the valley below it. There are ten individual camping sites, each with a table and fireplace. Pit toilets are maintained on site.

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