Railroads built the county and the southwestern United States. Railroads established the time zones and were the arterial beat of the countries economic engine. Heavy freight and the hauling of goods allowed the country to expand into the harsh desert climates and exploit the resources within.

Baldwin Locomotive No 1 Engine, D V R R
Baldwin Locomotive No 1 Engine, D V R R

Bodie Railway and Lumber Company Locomotive. Photo courtesy of McDonnell sisters.

Bodie and Benton Railway

The Bodie and Benton Railway operated for about thirty eights years, supplying the town of Bodie, California. The narrow gauge railroad travelled north, from the…
Baldwin Locomotive No 1 Engine, D V R R

Death Valley Railroad

The Death Valley Railroad (DVRR) was a historic 3 ft (914 mm) narrow-gauge railroad that once operated in Death Valley. Built primarily to support mining…
First Train to Carry Passengers all the way to Grand Canyon Village. SEPT. 17, 1901. Photo By G.L. ROSE.

Grand Canyon Railroad

The Grand Canyon Railroad is a 64 miles railroad which connects Williams Arizona to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. The original 64 mile…