Nevada State Historic Markers

NSHM 165 - The Nevada Test Site
NSHM 165 – The Nevada Test Site

The complete list of Nevada State Historic Markers for the state of Nevada and published by State Historic Preservation Office.

Nevada State Historical Markers identify significant places of interest in Nevada’s history. The Nevada State Legislature started the program in 1967 to bring the state’s heritage to the public’s attention with on-site markers. These roadside markers bring attention to the places, people, and events that make up Nevada’s heritage. They are as diverse as the counties they are located within and range from the typical mining boom and bust town to the largest and most accessible petroglyph sites in Northern Nevada Budget cuts to the program caused the program to become dormant in 2009. Many of the markers are lost or damaged.

Nevada State Historic Markers Map

The Old Spanish Trail 1829-1850 - Nevada State Historic Marker 33
The Old Spanish Trail 1829-1850 – Nevada State Historic Marker 33

Most of the markers across the state are large blue metal markers. However, there are a variety of other marker styles out there. For this guide they have been simplified into a few categories (blue, blue small, concrete, and stone). Sometimes, the markers are on buildings, fences, or metal stands.

Historic Markers List

IDNameLatitude, LongitudeCounty
1Empire and the Carson River Mills39.1873, -119.7063Carson City Historic Markers
2Pioneer Memorial Park40.9787, -117.7419Humboldt County Historic Marker
3West End of Hastings Cutoff40.7661, -115.9198Elko County Historic Markers
4Junction House—The First SettlementWashoe
5Pioche37.9265, -114.4487Lincoln County Historic Markers
6El Dorado Canyon35.8281,-114.9369Clark County Historic Markers
8Austin39.4919, -117.0703Lander County Historic Markers
9Copper Country39.2831, -114.9636White Pine Historic Markers
10Sand MountainChurchill
11Eureka39.5003, -115.9582Eureka County Historic Markers
12Nevada’s Birthplace39.0038, -119.7604Douglas County Historic Markers
13The Comstock Lode39.3167, -119.6474Storey County Historic Markers
14Goldfield37.7076, -117.2335Esmeralda County Historic Markers
15Tonopah38.0670, -117.2291Nye County Historic Markers
16Mineral CountyMineral
17Pershing CountyPershing
18Pyramid LakeWashoe
19Ragtown39.5057,-118.9215Churchill County Historic Markers
20Columbus38.1496,-117.9472Esmeralda County Historic Markers
21The Humboldt CanalHumboldt
22Humboldt RiverHumboldt
23Humboldt HousePershing
25Nevada’s Capitol39.1639, -119.7667Carson City Historic Markers
26Forty-Mile DesertChurchill
27Grimes PointChurchill
28Mark Twain39.3102, -119.6497Storey County Historic Markers
29Chinese in NevadaWashoe
31The Old Spanish Trail (1829-1850)Clark
32The Old Spanish Trail (1829-1850)Clark
33The Old Spanish Trail (1829-1850)36.0469, -115.4062Clark County Historic Markers
34The Old Spanish Trail (1829-1850)36.0163, -115.5055Clark County Historic Markers
35Las Vegas Mormon Fort and RanchoClark
36Moapa ValleyClark
37Powell of the Colorado36.3072, -114.4201Clark County Historic Markers
38Pahranagat Valley37.3484, -115.1502Lincoln County Historic Markers
40Las Vegas (The Meadows)Clark
41Pueblo Grande de Nevada36.5256, -114.4338Clark County Historic Markers
42Big Smoky ValleyNye
43Derby Diversion DamWashoe
44Carson City39.1639, -119.7670Carson City Historic Markers
45Humboldt WellsElko County Historic Markers
46Pilot PeakElko County Historic Markers
47Fort Halleck Military Reservation40.9561, -115.4655Elko County Historic Markers
48TuscaroraElko County Historic Markers
49Applegate-Lassen Emigrant Trail CutoffPershing
50Carlin CanyonElko County Historic Markers
51SchellbourneWhite Pine Historic Markers
52Cherry CreekWhite Pine Historic Markers
53Hamilton39.3535, -115.3946White Pine Historic Markers
54Ward Mining DistrictWhite Pine Historic Markers
55Culverwell’s Ranch37.6133, -114.5148Lincoln County Historic Markers
56Virgin ValleyClark
57Old Boundary
(Nevada’s Southern Boundary 1861-1867)
36.9772, -114.9771Lincoln County Historic Markers
58Old Boundary
(Nevada’s Southern Boundary 1861-1867)
36.9832, -116.7246Nye County Historic Markers
59Stokes Castle39.4936, -117.0799Lander County Historic Markers
60Hawthorne (Present Mineral County Seat—
Former Esmeralda County Seat)
61Mound HouseLyon
62Truckee River – WestWashoe
63Truckee River – EastWashoe
64Ophir38.9385, -117.1971Lander County Historic Markers
65Palisade40.6003, -116.1773Eureka County Historic Markers
67Austin ChurchesLander
69Jarbidge, NevadaElko County
70Bliss Mansion39.1671, -119.7723Carson City Historic Markers
71Methodist Church of Carson City39.1645, -119.7693Carson City Historic Markers
72Nevada State Children’s Home39.1598, -119.7638Carson City Historic Markers
73Unknown SoldiersElko County Historic Markers
75Federal Government Building (1888-1970)39.1666, -119.7660Carson City Historic Markers
76Eagle Valley39.1250, -119.7664Carson City Historic Markers
77Dat-So-La-Lee39.1181, -119.7545Carson City Historic Markers
78Orion Clemens’ Home39.1667, -119.7695Carson City Historic Markers
79Civil War PlotWashoe
80Eureka County CourthouseEureka
81Grand Army Of The Republic Memorial TreeWashoe
82Diamond Valley39.7402, -116.0748Eureka County Historic Markers
83Rock Creek (Cold Springs Station)Churchill
84Jedediah Strong Smith
(Explorer of the Western Wilderness)
39.2771, -114.8463White Pine Historic Markers
85Sutro39.2744, -119.5645Lyon County Historic Markers
86Tule SpringsClark
87Savage Mansion (c. 1863)39.3054, -119.6511Storey County Historic Markers
89Paradise ValleyHumboldt
90Delamar37.6207, -114.7839Lincoln County Historic Markers
91Stewart Indian SchoolCarson City Historic Markers
92Candelaria and Metallic City38.2080, -118.0011Mineral County
93Panaca Mercantile StoreLincoln
94The Winters Ranch (Rancho del Sierra)Washoe
95Battle MountainLander
96Round MountainNye
97Manhattan “The Pine Tree Camp”38.5707, -117.1816Nye County Historic Markers
98Osceola (1872-1940)White Pine
99TaylorWhite Pine
100Nevada Northern RailwayWhite Pine
101Miller’s38.1402, -117.4539Esmeralda County Historic Markers
102Goodsprings35.8323, -115.4345Clark County Historic Markers
103Gypsum Cave36.2318, -114.8829Clark County Historic Markers
104The Camel Corps35.1714, -114.7108Clark County Historic Markers
106ElkoElko County Historic Markers
107Elko AirportElko County Historic Markers
108Ruby Valley Pony Express Station40.04652, -115.4918Elko County Historic Markers
109Lamoille ValleyElko County Historic Markers
110Wagon Jack ShelterChurchill
111Edwards Creek ValleyChurchill
112CarlinElko County Historic Markers
115Potosi35.9708, -115.5408Clark County Historic Markers
116Searchlight35.4744, -114.9307Clark County Historic Markers
117Kingsbury GradeDouglas
118Luther CanyonDouglas
119Reul Colt GridleyLander
120Walley’s Hot SpringsDouglas
123Cradlebaugh BridgeDouglas
124Boyd Toll RoadDouglas
125Twelve Mile HouseDouglas
126Double Springs, NevadaDouglas
127Courthouse Site (1865-1907)Lyon
128The Great Train Robbery (Nevada)Washoe
132Mackay MansionStorey
133Fish Lake ValleyEsmeralda
134Trans-Sierran Pioneer Flight39.1720, -119.7482Carson City Historic Markers
135New Pass StationChurchill
136Toquima CaveLander
137Hickison SummitLander
138Belmont38.5959, -116.8755Nye County Historic Markers
139The Old Spanish Trail (Journey of Death)36.5010, -114.7605Clark County Historic Markers
140The Old Spanish Trail (Garces Expedition)35.0975, -114.6495Clark County Historic Markers
141The Old Spanish Trail (Armijo’s Route)Clark County Historic Markers
142The Old Spanish Trail (Mountain Springs Pass)35.9983, -115.4484Clark County Historic Markers
143Sarah Winnemucca HopkinsHumboldt
144Fort McDermittHumboldt
145Unionville (Pershing County)Pershing
146McDermitt Indian ReservationHumboldt
147A Home of Early ManChurchill
148The Two Battles Of Pyramid LakeWashoe
149High Rock CanyonWashoe
150Nevada’s First State Park36.4303, -114.5140Clark County Historic Markers
151Duck Valley Indian ReservationElko
153Jarbidge Community Hall41.8783, -115.4303Elko
155Silver PeakEsmeralda
156Gold PointEsmeralda County Historic Markers
157Lida37.4580, -117.4985Esmeralda County Historic Markers
158Palmetto37.4443, -117.6952Esmeralda County Historic Markers
159Ione38.9496, -117.5852Nye County Historic Markers
160Panaca SpringLincoln
161Churchill County CourthouseChurchill
162Camp McGarryHumboldt
164Button PointHumboldt
165Nevada Test Site36.5923, -116.0297Nye County Historic Markers
166Bowers MansionWashoe
168Arrowhead Trail (1914-1924)36.4261, -114.4628Clark County Historic Markers
169Glendale SchoolWashoe
170Eureka Sentinel BuildingEureka
171Chief Tecopa (Peacemaker of the Paiutes)36.2091, -115.9895Nye County Historic Markers
172Tybo38.3099, -116.2782Nye County Historic Markers
173Beatty (Center of the Gold Railroads—
“Chicago of the West”)
36.5922, -116.7558Nye County Historic Markers
173Tate’s Stage Station (1886-1901)Nye County Historic Markers
174Blair37.7811, -117.6345Esmeralda County Historic Markers
175Stewart-Nye ResidenceCarson City Historic Markers
176The Surveyors (Nevada)Lander
177Desert Well Station (Overland Mail and Stage Station)Lyon
178Hazen39.5653, -119.0464Churchill County
179First Air Flights in Nevada39.1943, -119.7754Carson City Historic Markers
180The Warm Springs HotelCarson City Historic Markers
181The Washo IndiansCarson City Historic Markers
182Panaca Ward ChapelLincoln
183Walker River ReservationMineral
184Ward Charcoal OvensWhite Pine
185McCone’s FoundriesLyon
186Union Hotel and Post OfficeLyon
187The Cattle IndustryEureka
188Von Schmidt State Boundary MonumentClark
189Southern Pacific Railroad YardsWashoe
190Original Homesite of Pioneer Las Vegas,
“Pop” Squires (1865-1958)
192Buckland’s Station (On the California Emigrant Trail)Lyon County
193Historic Flume and Lumber YardCarson City Historic Markers
194Gardner’s RanchCarson City Historic Markers
195The Last SpikeClark
196The United States Mint at Carson City, Nevada39.1673, -119.7670Carson City Historic Markers
197Arrowhead Trail IIClark
198Steamboat SpringsWashoe
199Camels in DaytonLyon
200Hall’s StationLyon
201Wonder Historic Mining CampChurchill
203Bullionville 37.8068, -114.4061
Lincoln County Historic Markers
204Jackrabbit38.1072, -114.5837
Lincoln County Historic Markers
205Crystal Springs37.5317, -115.2338Lincoln County Historic Markers
206Hiko 37.5968, -115.2240
Lincoln County Historic Markers
207Carson ValleyDouglas
208International HotelLander
209Chollar Mine39.3016, -119.6502Storey County Historic Markers
210Nevada-California-Oregon Railroad DepotWashoe
211Old Geiger GradeWashoe
213LakeviewCarson City Historic Markers
214Rafael RiveraClark
215Lahontan DamChurchill
217Tate’s Stage StationNye
218Geiger Station (Magnolia House)Washoe
220The Fight of the CenturyWashoe
221Sand HarborWashoe
222Tannehill Cabin—
One of Eureka’s First Houses
223Devil’s Gate39.2667, -119.6419Lyon County Historic Markers
224Kyle RanchClark
225Spooner AreaDouglas
226Cave RockDouglas
227Lake MansionWashoe
228The Great Fire of 187539.3107, -119.6505Storey County Historic Markers
229Oil from ShaleElko
230Mount Rose Weather ObservatoryWashoe
231Star CityPershing
232Reunion in UnionvillePershing
233Dayton CemeteryLyon County Historic Markers
234Moana SpringsWashoe
235Camp NyeCarson City Historic Markers
236Piper’s Opera House39.3109, -119.6502Storey County Historic Markers
237Carson and Colorado Railroad Freight DepotMineral
240Coney IslandWashoe
242Southern Nevada Consolidated Telephone-
Telegraph Company Building
243Corbett—Fitzsimmons Fight39.1642, -119.7599Carson City Historic Markers
244Dinner Station41.0999, -115.8663Elko County
245Frederick Joseph DeLongchamps
(June 2, 1882 – February 11, 1969)
39.5251, -119.8124Washoe County Historic Markers
246The Great Incline of the Sierra NevadaWashoe County Historic Markers
247Site of Nevada’s First Public LibraryWashoe County Historic Markers
248Virginia & Truckee Railroad Right of Way39.5163, -119.8064Washoe County Historic Markers
249Union Pacific Depot—1923Lincoln
250State Printing BuildingCarson City Historic Markers
251Diamondfield Jack Davis41.9847, -114.6720Elko County
252Rinckel MansionCarson City Historic Markers
253Emigrant—Donner CampWashoe
254The Eureka Mining District Producing Ore Since 186439.5554, -115.9958Eureka County Historic Markers
255Wilson CanyonLyon County Historic Markers
256Historic TransportationWashoe County Historic Markers
257Nevada’s First Gold DiscoveryLyon
258Charles W. Friend House, Observatory,
and Weather Station
39.1642, -119.7637Carson City Historic Markers
259The Governor’s Mansion39.1674, -119.7730Carson City Historic Markers
261Spooner SummitDouglas
262Dayton School House – 1865Lyon County Historic Markers
263Oats Park SchoolChurchill County
265Governor Emmet Derby Boyle39.5253, -119.8449Washoe County Historic Markers
266African Americans and the Boston SaloonStorey County Historic Markers
267Galena Creek Fish Hatchery
269Ely Forging The LinkWhite Pine County
270The Morelli HouseClark County
271Pony Express Route39.2875, -118.5715Churchill County Historic Markers
274Nevada State HospitalWashoe County