Heading into Titus Canyon, Death Valley from Rhyolite, Nevada.
Heading into Titus Canyon, Death Valley from Rhyolite, Nevada.

Nevada 4×4 trails offer some the great 4×4 destinations you can find. The state has a long history and features many ghost towns and old mining camps. The state has a long, full history and features many ghost towns and old mining camps.  Combined with a lower state population, this translates into vast tracks of land which are yours to explore, and the odds of running into a ton of others is remote.  

The narrows near the Anniversary Mine are a fun place to hike and keep cool. Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Nevada
The narrows near the Anniversary Mine are a fun place to hike and keep cool. Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Nevada

Just outside of Las Vegas, the Lake Mojave and Lake Mead National recreation areas offer some great trails, and cool water to cool off in the harsh desert landscape.

However, you must be prepared for the climate and rough terrain.

Nevada History

Goodsprings, Nevada - 1924
Goodsprings, Nevada – 1924

The history of Nevada is the history of natural resources and mining. The territory experienced a boom with the discovery of the Comstock Load in 1859. The first major discovery of silver in the United States, the Comstock Load is noteworthy not only due to the fortunes is made, but for the growth of the state and its neighbor to the west.

The wide areas of empty, low populated areas allowed the United State Military to test a variety of top secret planes without the prying eyes of the public. The U2, SR-71 Backbird and F-117 stealth fighter were all tested and deployed from Nevada. The SEAL time which operated the attack on Osama bin laden also trained in Nevada.

Nevada Dark Skys

On March 18, 2019, Massacre Rim was designated the 7th Dark Sky Sanctuary in the world! The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) this Wilderness Study Area. This is no surprise for those of us who live in Nevada and appreciated a low light pollution environment.

An IDA Dark Sky Sanctuary is public or private land that has an exceptional or distinguished quality of starry nights and a nocturnal environment that is protected for its scientific, natural, or educational value, its cultural heritage and/or public enjoyment.

A sanctuary differs from a Dark Sky Park or Reserve in that it is typically situated in a very remote location with few (if any) nearby threats to the quality of its dark night skies and it does not otherwise meet the requirements for designation as a park or reserve. The typical geographic isolation of Dark Sky Sanctuaries significantly limits opportunities for public outreach, so a sanctuary designation is specifically designed to increase awareness of these fragile sites and promote their long-term conservation.

Nevada 4×4 Trails

Nevada Nevada Ghosttowns

Nevada Ghost Towns

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Aurora Nevada: 38.287600, -118.902000
Belleville Nevada: 38.219200, -118.180000
Rawhide Nevada: 39.016600, -118.391000
Marietta Nevada: 38.243300, -118.339000
Candelaria Nevada: 38.159100, -118.088000
Pine Grove Nevada: 38.679000, -119.124000
Unionville Nevada: 40.445500, -118.121000
Sulphur Nevada: 38.619600, -119.254000
Stillwater Nevada: 39.521600, -118.547000
Sprucemont Nevada: 40.550500, -114.872000
Miriam Nevada: 39.958500, -118.688000
Logan Nevada: 37.611900, -115.392000
Frenchman Nevada: 39.279000, -118.271000
Bullionville Nevada: 37.805600, -114.401000
Como Nevada: 39.172400, -119.477000
Cortez Nevada: 40.141000, -116.603000
Delamar Nevada: 37.458000, -114.770000
Dixie Valley Nevada: 39.687700, -118.081000
Deeth Nevada: 41.066000, -115.275000
Daveytown Nevada: 41.294900, -117.903000
Currant Nevada: 38.742300, -115.474000
Crystal Springs Nevada: 37.531600, -115.234000
Cobre Nevada: 41.111900, -114.401000
Coaldale Nevada: 38.027400, -117.883000
Charleston Nevada: 41.670700, -115.511000
Cactus Springs Nevada: 36.578200, -115.727000
Fairview Nevada: 39.266200, -118.197000
Golconda Nevada: 40.953000, -117.487000
Hamilton Nevada: 39.253000, -115.486000
Gold Point Nevada: 37.354700, -117.365000
Goldfield Nevada: 37.708700, -117.237000
Grantsville Nevada: 38.845500, -117.573000
Hiko Nevada: 37.596900, -115.224000
Jungo Nevada: 40.917200, -118.382000
Jessup Nevada: 39.948500, -118.875000
Lucky Jim Camp Nevada: 35.702200, -114.803000
Midas Nevada: 41.244100, -116.797000
Millers Nevada: 38.130500, -117.458000
Mountain City Nevada: 41.838500, -115.965000
Osceola Nevada: 39.090500, -114.386000
Ocala Nevada: 39.910200, -118.735000
Palisade Nevada: 40.610200, -116.199000
Palmetto Nevada: 37.443800, -117.696000
Ruby Hill Nevada: 39.504700, -115.986000
Tenabo Nevada: 40.314400, -116.677000
Tempiute Nevada: 37.652500, -115.636000
Seven Troughs Nevada: 40.465960, -118.785467
Salt Wells Nevada: 39.375200, -118.584000
Rush Nevada: 39.280500, -114.985000
  • Aurora Nevada
    Aurora, Nevada is a ghost town in Mineral County near the California border. Aurora is often mentioned as a footnote…
  • Belmont Nevada
    Following a silver strike and quatz vein by a Native American in the area, Belmont Nevada was founded in Nye…
  • Berlin Nevada
    Berlin Nevada - 1910 Berlin Nevada is a ghost town located in Nye County, Nevada and found within the Berlin-Ichthyosaur…
  • Blair Nevada
    Blair Nevada is a ghost town and mine site located in Esmerelda County.   The town site is located a…
  • Bodie and Aurora rivalry continues to this day
    Two towns located in the hills above Mono Lake maintain, the Bodie and Aurora rivalry continues even now, long past…
  • Bonnie Claire Nevada
    Located off highway 267 East of Death Valley National Park Gold, Bonnie Clarie Nevada is a mine site and ghost…
  • Broken Hills Nevada
    Broken Hills Nevada, c 1915. Ore sacks being loaded for shipment to the railroad at Fallon. Broken Hills, Nevada is…
  • Candelaria Nevada
    Candelaria was a ghost town in Mineral County, Nevada located about 120 miles south of Falen. The location may be…
  • Carrara Nevada
    Cararra, NV as seen from US 95 south to Beatty, NV Carrara Ghost town is a small ghost town and…
  • Columbus Nevada
    Downtown Columbus, Nevada, late 1870's. Spanish miners discovered silver in the area in 1863. A small mining camp was established…
  • Downeyville Nevada
    Downeyville Nevada is an old mining camp and ghost town located in Nye County, Nevada.  In May 1877 silver-lead discoveries…
  • Nelson Nevada and Eldorado Canyon
    Rock spires carved by erosion located in Eldorado Canyon, Nelson, Nevada. The ghost town of Nelson, Nevada, which is located…
  • Goodsprings Nevada
    Goodsprings, Nevada is locate about seven miles west of the I-15 near Jean, Nevada.  Mining activity in the area started…
  • Ione Nevada
    Ione Nevada is a ghost town, which is located in Nye County, Nevada. In April 1863 a silver stike was…
  • Manhattan Nevada
    Manhattan Nevada 1906 Located about fifty miles north of Tonopah, Manhattan Nevada is ghost town located at the end of…
  • Marietta Nevada
    Located at 4947 feet above sea level, Marietta was formally established in 1877 near Teel's Marsh and is now a…
  • Potosi Nevada
    Potosi Nevada is the oldest load mine in Nevada and the town site is located just off highway 160 between…
  • Rawhide Nevada
    Rawhide, Nevada. 1908. Rawhide Nevada was a mining town in Mineral County. The town site is located approximately 55 miles…
  • Rhyolite Nevada
    Rhyolite is a ghost town location just outside of the Eastern edge of Death Valley National monument in Nye country,…
  • St Thomas Nevada
    Founded in 1865 when Brigham Young sent settles to the confluence of the Virgin River and Muddy Rivers.  St Thomas Nevada…
  • Tybo Nevada
    Tybo Nevada - 1875 Tybo Nevada is a ghost town in Nye County located some 8 miles north west of…

Nevada Reptiles

Nevada Wildflowers and Vegetation

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