One Tree Hill, A trip to the U2 Joshua Tree

There was never a point in time that I was not aware of Joshua Tree’s.  Growing up in Southern California, they are a common site in the high desert and after all there is a National Park named after them.  Many nights I have spent camping in the national park and asking my dad about the Joshua Trees.  They are just so weird.   Their limbs twisted in the wind.  They thrive in the harsh desert environment, yet don’t offer much shade.  The are a symbol of the desert southwest, and perhaps would be THE symbol of the desert south west if not for the saguaro cactus.

U2s Joshua Tree 2016

U2s Joshua Tree 2016

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Davy Gilia (Gilia latiflora)

Davey Gilia

A Davey Gilia stalk poking up between the California Poppies in the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve.

Davy Gilia (Gilia latiflora) also known as Hollyleaf gilia and broad-flowered gilia is a flowering plant commonly found in the open flats or sandy areas and can carpet the western Mojave Desert.  The wild flower grows at 2500 to 4000 feet in elevation and grows to reach about 18 inches in height.

The plant features a small five leafed flower about one inch across which is purple in color and features a white throat.

Typically a Southern California Flower, the Davy Gilia has been observed in southern Nevada in the areas surrounding Rhyolite and Beatty, NV.



Camp Phallus – New York Mountains

Located in Caruther’s Canyons of the New York Mountains, Camp Phallus is named for a “unique” rock formation visible from the campsite.  This is a primitive site, no posted sights, just a series of short trails to isolated sites, each of which can support several vehicles.

A beautiful place to camp and it offers cooler temperatures during to summer months due to its 5500 ft of elevation.

Camping in Camp Phalus - New York Mountains

Camping in Camp Phalus – New York Mountains

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Afton Canyon Campground

Called the Grand Canyon of California, Afton Canyon and the Afton Canyon Campground offer amazing access to the Old Mojave Road, surroundings areas and an excellent spot for astronomers to view the night sky.

Afton Canyon Campground is in the heart of the Mojave at 1640 feet in elevation and  is a great place for birding and wildlife due to close proximity to the Mojave River which is briefly above ground in this area.

Afton Canyon Campground Site 5

Afton Canyon Campground Site 5

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Camp Rock Springs

A small oasis and valuable water supply along the Old Mojave Road, this was the site of a military outpost established on December 30, 1866.  There are few remains or ruins of the old dusty outpost but a plaque to remind the visitors that men of the U.S. Army served at this remote desert post.

Camp Rock Springs, Old Mojave Road

Camp Rock Springs, Old Mojave Road

Camp Rock Springs

To the United States Soldiers of Camp

Rock Springs— who guarded the U.S. Mail.

No Glory there nor much chance for

military fame, but true patriots and heroes

were they, to submit to such privations–

Yet there are the nurseries of the army,

and from such hard schools we graduated

a grant and Sherman, Sheridan and Thomas.

General James F. Rusling USA

Bill Holcomb Chapter

E. Clampus Vitus

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