Nye County

"Lady Desert: The Venus of Nevada" overlooks the Nye County Desert
“Lady Desert: The Venus of Nevada” overlooks the Nye County Desert

Nye County, Nevada was named after James W. Nye and established in 1864. Nye County 4×4 trails offer the explorer the opportunity to explore many remote gold mines and ghost towns.  James W. Nye served as the first governor of the Nevada Territory. Nye county is the largest county in Nevada by area and the county seat is currently held in Tonopah. The largest population center within the county is Pahrump, which is about eighty six percent of the population.

Nye county is sparsely populated.

Nye County History

James W. Nye. Library of Congress description: "Hon. James Warren Nye of Nevada"
James W. Nye. Library of Congress description: “Hon. James Warren Nye of Nevada”

Nye County was established in 1864 during the Civil War. It’s namesake James W. Nye was the first governor of the Nevada Territory, and when Nevada was entered into the Union, served as a U. S. Senator. The cities of Rhyolite and Tonopah hosted gold and silver mine booms in the early 20th century.

Rhyolite, Nevada photo by Destination4x4.com
Rhyolite, Nevada photo by Destination4x4.com

After the mining boom subsided around 1910, the population plummeted and the citizens relocated to other areas to increase their opportunities. Today Nye County low population and large distances between towns offer a sense of wonderment and a glimpse of what the country used to be.

Nye County Area Map

Nye County 4×4 Trails

Long Team in front of the Bonnie Claire Mine, Nevada

Bonnie Claire Nevada

Located off highway 267 East of Death Valley National Park Gold, Bonnie Clarie Nevada is a mine site and ghost town that is easy to…
Crowells Mill under construction in Chloride City, CA about 1915

Chloride City California

Chloride City California is located within Death Valley National Park and Inyo County, California. The town arose out of silver discoveries in nearby Chloride Cliff…
Titus Canyon, a narrow canyon drive in Death Valley National Park, CA

Titus Canyon

Titus Canyon has it all, rugged mountains, colorful rock formations, a small ghost town, mines, petroglyphs, wildlife, rare plants and spectacular canyon narrows as a…

Nye County Ghost Towns

Belmont in 1871

Belmont Nevada

Following a silver strike and quartz vein by a Native American in the area, Belmont Nevada was founded in Nye County, Nevada. The silver boom…
Berlin Nevada - 1910

Berlin Nevada

Berlin Nevada - 1910 Berlin Nevada is a ghost town located in Nye County, Nevada and found within the Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park some 19 miles…

Carrara Nevada

Cararra, NV as seen from US 95 south to Beatty, NV Carrara Ghost town is a small ghost town and marble mine located about ten…
Grantsville Nevada 1886

Grantsville Nevada

Grantsville Nevada 1886 Named for Ulysses S. Grant, Grantsville Nevada is a ghost town and gold mining camp located in Nye County Nevada. Initial prospecting…
Ione settlement, with Ione Valley in the background, c 1900

Ione Nevada

Ione Nevada is a ghost town, which is located in Nye County, Nevada. In April 1863 a silver stike was made by P. A. Haven…
Manhattan Nevada 1906

Manhattan Nevada

Manhattan Nevada 1906 Located about fifty miles north of Tonopah, Manhattan Nevada is ghost town located at the end of Nevada State Route 377 in…
Rhyolite, Nevada photo by Destination4x4.com

Rhyolite Nevada

Rhyolite is a ghost town location just outside of the Eastern edge of Death Valley National monument in Nye country, Nevada.  Founded in 1904 by…
Tybo, Nevada - 1881

Tybo Nevada

Tybo Nevada - 1875 Tybo Nevada is a ghost town in Nye County located some 8 miles north west of U.S Route 6 and some…

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