The Grand Canyon is the standard of National Parks found in Arizona.
The Grand Canyon is the standard of National Parks found in Arizona.

Arizona, the Grand Canyon State is home to many ghost towns, 4×4 trails, and lots of history. Arizona was the last of the lower 48 states to be admitted into the United States in 1912. Arizona boasts the Grand Canyon, which is the largest canyon in the planet and is also home to Tombstone, the site of the most iconic gunfight in the old west.

Arizona shares the Colorado River with Utah, Nevada, and California, the water of which scoured the harsh landscape. This erosion is the caused the creation of some of the most memorable landscapes the world has to offer.

Although Arizona is characterized as a harsh, dry desert landscape, it does offer amazing water activities. The Colorado River offers amazing recreational opportunities in Lake Powell, Lake Mead, Lake Mojave and Lake Havasu. House boating on the lakes gives you the opportunity to relax and lazily navigate the water ways. Those of us fortunate enough to do so, rafting the white waters of the Grand Canyon and exploring the side canyons will make memories of a life time.

Arizona 4×4 trails offer unique remote views and landscape and a chance to look back in time and history.

Arizona Trails

Arizona Wild Flowers

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