Bitter Springs

Bitter Springs is a 28 miles back country road which connects I-15 to the North shore Road highway 167 located inside Lake Mead National Recreation Area near Echo Bay.  The trail takes you by old mining roads and washes throughout the Muddy Mountains.

To reach the trail head, head North on the I-15 from Las Vegas. Exit the Valley of Fire offramp (exit 75), and turn right towards the state park, Valley of Fire. There is a lot of excellent camping in Valley of Fire.

Unless you have a need for fireworks or booze, proceed past the Moapa Indian Reservation store. After three miles the paved road bends left. The trail is the dirt road heading straight into the dessert towards the mountains.

Once you hit the Muddy Mountains, you will be greeted with large red rock out cropping. Keep on eye out on the right side of the tail for a small damn and water hole. Should you visit at the correct time, you will see tadpoles and frogs in the water.

As you proceed into and through the muddy mountains, there are numerous places to stop and picnic or camp. There is a small quarry that sits on the trail, so be sure to travel carefully if there are workers.

Once you are through the pass, the trail gradually follows the alluvial fan into a drainage. Once in the drainage section, the trails turns into pure sand. Be sure to check the weather when travelling this portion of the trail and keep an eye open for Big Horn sheep and wild horses.

Bitter Springs Trail Map

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