Broken Hills, Nevada

Broken Hills, Nevada is more a descriptive term than the name of a town.  Broken Hills began life in 1913 when two Englishmen, Joseph Arthur and James Stratford prospected the site and gold was found in the area.  After five years of effert, the founders of Broken Hills pulled only $68,000 of gold.  The two men sold their claim to George Graham Rice.

George Graham Rice

George Graham Rice

Born Jacob Herzig, George Graham Rice appears to have been a ruthless self promoter with a get rick quick financial strategy and a criminal history for forging checks.  The self serving Mr. Rice promoted the Arthur and Stratford mine, and sold shares of the property.  Mr. Rice is said to have invested $75,000 of stockholder money into the mine and produced revenues of only $7,000.

There was a stockholder investigation, however nothing was pursued as George Graham Rice was now a resident in state prison for mail fraud. George Graham Rice was also a player in Rawhide, Goldfield, Bullfrog and Rhyolite Nevada.

Today, Broken Hills is empty.  The buildings and people are all gone with the lone exception of a mine head frame.

Broken Hills, Nevada Trail Map

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