Burro Wash

My one week old, Black Jeep on our first 4x4 trail to Burro Wash
My one week old, Black Jeep on our first 4×4 trail to Burro Wash

This scenic backcountry adventure takes you down Burro Wash into the depths of Black Canyon below Hoover Dam by the only route possible on the Nevada side of the Colorado River. The route offers a jeeper access to the Colorado River below the damn in the Lake Mead National Recreational area.

There is one steep section.
There is one steep section.

This is a legitimate and open 4×4 trail that will take you down some rocky descents, sandy washes and over a few minor but fun rock obstacles right before reaching the river. This trail should not be taken lightly but for the most part is stock friendly for 4 wheel drive vehicles equipped with low range gears and all-terrain tires. This is an out-and-back trail meaning you will head back the same way you came in. Down by the river would be an excellent spot to stop and have lunch so bring your lawn chairs and a camera and have some fun!

The low water left us a muddy beach.
The low water left us a muddy beach.

Burro Wash was the first 4×4 trail that I ran with the Black Jeep. My wife and I purchased it just a few weeks before and it seemed natural to exercise the 4×4 a bit. The 28 inch street tires left much to be desired and the lower ground clearance made this reasonable easy trail more challenging for a rookie driver.

Trail Summary

NameBurro Wash Trail
LocationLake Mead National Recreation Area, Clark County, Neada
Latitude, Longitude
Length12 miles
Elevation Gain– 1200 Feet

Burro Wash Trail Map

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