Clarks Grade 1N54

Clarks Grade 1N54 is a steep and scenic descent from the top of Skyline drive and Snow Summit down to Angeles Oaks from Big Bear. The trail is located in the San Bernardino Mountains of Southern California.  This road is steep enough, that low range will be utilized on the trail and four wheel drive is recommend. The trail starts at about 7800 feet in elevation, and over the course of its 7.6 mile length, drop down to 4800 feet. This is 3000 feet of elevation drop from the top of the trail to the bottom.

Last reports from Clarks Grade indicate decent sized rocks and rutting which will be of concern for some stock vehicles.

Clarks Grade in Bear Bear Lake, California
Bear Bear Lake, California

The Forrest Service routinely closes this trail during the winter due to snow, mud and / or heavy rain, which could cause excessive erosion to the trail.

A Forest Service Adventure Passes are required if you plan on stopping along the way. As of September 2016, forest visitors parked in standard amenity recreation fee sites in the four southern California national forests must display a valid recreation pass. This includes sites on the Angeles, Cleveland, Los Padres and San Bernardino National Forests. Such is the once great state of California.

Trail Summary

NameClarks Grade
LocationBig Bear, Sand Bernardino, California
Length7.6 Miles
Elevation change3000 feet

Clarks Grade Trailmap

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