Churchill County Historic Markers

Nevada State Historical Markers identify significant places of interest in Nevada’s history. The Nevada State Legislature started the program in 1967 to bring the state’s heritage to the public’s attention with on-site markers. Budget cuts the program became dormant in 2009.
Pony express route April 3, 1860 - October 24, 1861 - Jackson, William Henry, 1843-1942.

Pony Express Trail (1860 – Sesquicentennial – 2010)

The Pony Express Trail (1860 - Sesquicentennial - 2010) is Nevada State Historic Marker #271 is located in Churchill County, Nevada. From Fallon drive head…
Ragtown, Nevada

Ragtown Nevada

Ragtown Nevada is ghost town and Nevada State Historical Marker number nineteen. The town and Nevada State Historic Marker are located in the Churchill County,…