Mesquite Springs

Mesquite Springs Campground

Mesquite Springs Campground located near Scotty’s Castle in Death Valley

Mesquite Springs is a campground in Death Valley National Park, Located just a few short miles from Scottys castle. Mesquite springs offers a nice refuge for the traveler. Not far from the main north – south highway running the length of Death valley.

The campground is typically open all year round and cooler than Furnace Creek. There is a small fee to stay here, but well worth it to stay in this little oasis. There may be a campground host, but you should not count on this for your planning with regards to firewood.
Typically a quiet little outpost used by campers who want access to the northern section of the national park. Mesquite Springs offers a great launching point for the northern dunes, racetrack valley, Ubehebe Crater and parts beyond.

Mesquite Springs, Death Valley National Park

Mesquite Springs, Death Valley National Park

This is a great place to enjoy your beer and smores in the evenings while the Kangaroo Rats play around your feet.

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