Bert Smith’s Cabin

Located deep in the Mojave National Reserve exists a small stone building, which serves as an ongoing monument to a national hero.  Bert Smith was a World War One veteran who moved to the Mojave in order to prolong his live and recover from the poison gas attacks which damaged his lungs during the war.  The original structure was built from wood, and later finished in stone.  Bert Smith lived at the site despite his prognosis, until the 1950’s.

Bert Smith's Cabin located in the Mojave National Reserve

Bert Smith’s Cabin located in the Mojave National Reserve

The ranch and ranch house are still in good shape due to a restoration by the National Park Service.  The cabin is locked and no access inside is permitted.

The cabin is of rock construction and still contains glass and locked doors.  Bert Smith choose and excellent location.  The site has and amazing view of the area while overlooking the valley below, and is located just above Camp Rock Springs.  There are picnic tables and vault toilets on site.

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