Blair Nevada

Blair Nevada is a ghost town and mine site located in Esmerelda County.   The town site is located a few miles north of Silver Peak, Nevada and about 19 miles west of SR 95.   The town was founded in September of 1906 when speculators flourished and mill owners imposed harsh mill prices in the town of Silver Peark.  

The Pittsburgh Silver Peak Mining Company founded a site just a few miles north of Silver Peak which was then named Blair.  Blair boasted the a 100-stamp stamp mill which was the largest in Nevada at the time.

Located in Blair, Nevada the Pittsburg-Silver Peak Gold Mining Mill
Located in Blair, Nevada the Pittsburg-Silver Peak Gold Mining Mill
U.S. Geological Survey outfit enroute Blair to Silverpeak. Silver Peak quadrangle. Esmeralda County, Nevada. 1912.

November of 1906 saw the foundation of a town paper, business district, hotel, saloons and post office to serve a population on 700 people.  The Blair Press, the town newspater operated from November, 1906 to July, 1909. The Silver Peak Post moved from Silver Peak and was renamed the Blair Booster. This paper only ran a short time, from March – July of 1907 before it failed.

Mining continued until 1915 when  low grade ore sealed the fate of the boom town.  When the mill was closed, it was dismantled and moved to California.

Blair Nevada Trail Map

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