Cleghorn Ridge 2N47

Cleghorn located outside of Big Bear, CA
Cleghorn located outside of Big Bear, CA

Cleghorn Ridge is a 4×4 trail which leads from the I-15 at the Cleghorn exit to Silverlake State Recreation Area.  The trail features lots of switch backs and may be rutted and/or steep in places.  There is essentially two trails side by side the majority of the trail, and  many bypasses along the trail to get around the more difficult places if you 4×4 is not up to the rough stuff.

The overall length of this reasonably easy trail is about 15 miles. The trail offers some good view of Silerwood Lake at its eastern end.

This trail is a popular route from Green Sticker Vehicles and can get crowded depending upon the time of day and time of year.

A Forest Service Adventure Passes are required if you plan on stopping along the way. As of September 2016, forest visitors parked in standard amenity recreation fee sites in the four southern California national forests must display a valid recreation pass. This includes sites on the Angeles, Cleveland, Los Padres and San Bernardino National Forests. Such is the once great state of California.

Trail Summary

NameCleghorn Ridge, 2N47
LocationSilver Lake, San Bernardino Mountains
Length15 Miles
Difficult Alternate Routes

Cleghorn Ridge Trailmap

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