Common Fiddleneck ( Amsinckia intermedia )

The Common Fiddleneck ( Amsinckia intermedia ) is a wildflower common across the United States and a member of the forget-me-not-family. Also known as the Intermediate Fiddleneck, the name is derived from the flower stems which are formed in the appearance of a violin or fiddle.

Common Fiddleneck ( Amsinckia intermedia var. intermedia )
Common Fiddleneck ( Amsinckia intermedia var. intermedia )

The flowers of this plant are typically yellow, yellow-orange with some orange blotches. The lack of orange colored blotches on the flower is Amsinckia menziesii. The plant will flower from February to May each year depending upon environmental conditions. It is a medium sized plant growing up to 36 inches in height and commonly found on grassy hillsides, along roadsides and other dry open places. The flower is normally found below 5,500 feet in elevation in disturbed areas with sandy or gravelly soil.

The genus name Amsinckia derives from a 19th century botanic garden frequent visitor from Hamburg named Wilhelm Amsinck. The species name intermedia indicating the plant is a variation of two other sub species.

There are many subspecies and synonyms associated with this little wildflower including:

  • Amsinckia arizonica
  • Amsinckia demissa
  • Amsinckia echinata
  • Amsinckia intactilis
  • Amsinckia intermedia
  • Amsinckia intermedia var. echinata
  • Amsinckia microphylla,
  • Amsinckia nana
  • Amsinckia rigida
  • Amsinckia menziesii var. intermedia


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