Eureka Dunes Dry Camp

Eureka Dunes Campground is near a small localize sand dunes formation with Death Valley National Monument. Eureka Dunes Dry Camp is located next to the Eureka Sand Dunes in the Eureka Valley.

The valley is is an enclosed basin locationed at about 3000 feet above sea leval. The sand dunes in this remote valley in the north western portion of Death Valley are the tallest dunes in California. Some of the dunes measured are almost 700 feet tall above the valley floor. The dunes themselves are contained in a relatively small 3 square miles.

At first glance, these islands of sand within Eureka Valley appear inhospitable to life. This however is not the case. These dunes receive the most rainfall of any within Death Valley due to their location within the park.

Due to the extreme isolation there are five known types of endemic beetles which make their home in the sand. Three plant species, Eureka Dunegrass ( Swallenia alexandrae ), Eureka Dunes Evening Primrose ( Oenothera avita eurekensis ) and Shining Milkvetch ( Astragalus lentiginosus micans ) and known to only exist in this three mile by one mile island of sand.

With roughly four sites and only a vaulted toilet, Eureka Dunes campground offers solitude for the back country traveler.

Campground Summary

Campground NameEureka Dunes Dry Camp
LocationDeath Valley National Park, California
Latitude, Longitude37.111773, -117.680898
Number of Sites4
AmenitiesRestrooms, tables

Eureka Dunes Campground Map


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