Furnace Creek Campground

Furnace Creek Campground is located at -200 below sea level in Death Valley National Park, California. The campground is the most popular in the Death Valley and reservations are strongly recommended. The campground is located just off Highway 190 near Furnace Creek.

Borax Wagons near Furnace Creek Campground, Death Valley National Park, California
Borax Wagons near Furnace Creek Campground, Death Valley National Park, California

Furnace Creek Campground is the lowest in the park in terms of elevation, and located near the hottest measured temperature on the plant. Close to a lot of amenities , such as a store, borax museum & gas station, this campground offers a central location to scout out and explore Death Valley. All of the campsites feature tables, fire rings, water and flush toilets. This is a wonderful location for sky gazers who seek a clear night sky with little light pollution.

Death Valley frequently experiences temperatures over 120° F and in addition to holding the all time hottest temp (134° F – July 10, 1913) Death Valley routinely records some of the hottest days on the planet year after year. All to frequently, a visitor will die in this area due to the very extreme heat, plan your trip with care and mind the heat. One more that one occasion, I have been in the park with the temperature being north of 125° F.

Artist Drive, Badwater and Zabriskie Point and all located a short drive from this little oasis. The local gas station is always a quick stop for us when we drive by, so we can star in horror at the high price of fuel, which is typically $2 per gallon higher than outside of the National Park.

Campground Summary

NameFurnace Creek Campground
LocationFurnace Creek, Death Valley National Park, California
Latitude, Longitude36.463188,-116.8710673
Elevation-200 feet
Number of Sites136

Furnace Creek Campground Map


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