Ghost towns of Arizona

Ghost Towns of Arizona is a nice little book to pick up if you are interested in old western history from the state of Arizona. This tomb is in my own personal collection and originally purchased in the 1980s from a book store on Bumble Bee, Arizona.

Ghost Towns of Arizona by James E. and Barbara H. Sherman
Ghost Towns of Arizona by James E. and Barbara H. Sherman

Arizona’s ghost towns exemplify man’s courage, tenacity, and perhaps even foolishness in his search for wealth. Inevitable by-products of the development of gold, silver, copper, and other mineral deposits in Arizona, some of these communities mushroomed overnight into a hodgepodge of tents and makeshift homes, while others developed over a period of years into tidy, well-planned townsites. Whatever their design, intent, or purpose, when their existence was no longer profitable they slipped into the category of ghost towns.


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