Gold Point Nevada – Esmeralda County Ghost Town

Founded in 1860s, Gold Point, is a ghost time and silver mining camp located in Esmerelda County, Nevada. The townsite was known by three different names, depending upon the ore being actively mined at the time. Lime deposits in 1868 saw the formation of the town “Lime Point”. The ore was hauled to nearby Lida for processing.

Hornsilver / Gold Point Nevada in 1908
Hornsilver / Gold Point Nevada in 1908

Operations were stopped in 1882 when the huge processing costs, inefficient milling and the distance to the railroads were the contributing factors. The growth of Tonapah gave the area better facilities for ore processing. In 1903 and 1904 a rush in Goldfield virtually emptied the district. Interest returned to the district in 1905 when the Great Western Mine opened operations.

In the spring of 1908 the discovery of “hornsilver” silver ore nearby prompted the district to rename to Horn Silver. Rich ore prompted a rush of miners to the district. May 1908, saw the formation of the Hornsilver Herald and a post office followed just a few days later. Immediately plans to bring in railroad server to haul ore were considered. Automobiles were used to provide stage service to Goldfield, Lida and Cuprite for a modest sum.

Hornsilver is the latest wonder in Nevada Mining districts… A comer… Main Street is extending almost as you watch it.

Goldfield Review

The town of Hornsilver boasted 13 saloons, several shops and stores. All in all, some 225 framed buildings, tents and shacks housed the citizens of the little hamlet. The miners followed the ore deep into the ground until 1908 when courts battles brought many operations to a standstill. Milling in the area was still inefficient which cost the mines their profits and unsustainable for a time.

1915 found the returns of large scale mine operations. The Great Western Mine was sold to Charles Stoneham of the New York Giants in 1922. The Great Western Mine was the districts best producer with over $500,000 worth of gold and silver being produced. The District and Town was again renamed to Gold Point in 1930 and operated until 1942 until World War II pulled all essential personnel into war time production.

Owner of the New York Giants baseball team and New York Giants soccer team Charles Stoneham
Owner of the New York Giants baseball team and New York Giants soccer team Charles Stoneham

Today, the town maintains a population of 7 citizens. Manybuildings remain in various states and some of the homes and cabins are available for rental.

Ghost Town Summary

NameGold Point
LocationEsmerelda County, Nevada
Latitude, Longitude37.3546518,-117.3738315
Elevation5,400 feet
Activity1868 – 1880 – Lime Point
1907 – 1927 – Hornsilver
1930 – Gold Point
Post Office1908 –
NewspaperHornsilver Herald

Gold Point Map


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