Hazen Nevada

Hazen Nevada is a small inincorporated town in Churchill county, Nevada located about 16 miles northwest of Fallon.. The town is formed when the Southern Pacific realigned its route to the East of Wadsworth in 1902. A Post Office is established in 1904 and several saloons “hydrated” workers digging the a nearby 31 mile long canal between the Truckee River and the Carson River.

"Saloons and disreputable places of Hazen (Nev.) June 24, 1905." By Lubkin - NARA - 532037.jpg
“Saloons and disreputable places of Hazen (Nev.) June 24, 1905.” By Lubkin – NARA – 532037.jpg

The small rail town is the location of the last lynching in the state of Nevada. Desperado, Willian “Nevada Red” Wood was hung from a telegraph poles not far from the tiny jail, on February 27th, 1905 after robbing canal builders and the citizens of Hazen. Journalists at the time noted, “Keep the good work up! Ornament all telegraph poles with the carcasses of this type of men”

William "Nevada Red" Wood, was Hung on February 27th, 1905 in Hazen, Nevada
William “Nevada Red” Wood, was Hung on February 27th, 1905 in Hazen, Nevada

Hazen became an important four way rail junction for the Southern Pacific, which installed a round house and handsome depot. In 1908, a fire burned much of the town, however the town soon rebuilt. A small school educated the children of several nearby ranches. The Palace Hotel was a main attraction of the little community. The hotel was host to a restaurant and grill. The store located in Hazen is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Town Summary

NameHazen, Nevada
Other NamesHazen Station.
LocationChurchill County, Nevada
Latitude, Longitude39.5653, -119.0464
Post Office1904 – Current
Elevation4,000 Feet
NewspaperThe Harvest


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