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Copper Country, Eureka pit / Copper Flat pi, Libery Pit, Robinson Mining District, White Pine County Nevada

Copper Country – Nevada State Historic Marker 9

Located in White Pine County, Nevada is Copper Country, Nevada State Historic Marker number 9. Copper Country, Eureka pit / Copper Flat pi, Libery Pit,…
Photo of Fort Ruby as it appeared in 1868, when famed western photographer Timothy Sullivan captured this image.

Fort Ruby

Fort Ruby, also known as Camp Ruby is an old U. S. Army post which was built in 1862 during the American Civil War, The post is located in…
Main Street in Hamilton, Nevada, 1869 showing the two-story Withington Hotel,

Hamilton Nevada

Hamilton is a small ghost town located in White Pine County, Nevada, in the western United States. Despite its current state, the town has a…
Drawing of Jedediah Strong Smith (1799–1831), created around 1835 after his death by a friend from memory. It is the only contemporary image of Smith.

Jedediah Strong Smith – Nevada State Historic Marker 84

Jebediah Strong Smith was an early frontiersman, hunter, trapper, author, cartographer, mountain man and explorer of the western United States and the subject of Nevada State Historic Marker number…
Ruby Valley, White Pine County, Nevada - Ruby Valley Pony Express Station - photo taken in 1944

Ruby Valley Station

n was started in 1859 as part of George Chorpenning's mail route. Later the station served the Pony Express and Overland Mail Company line in…
Pony Express Riders "Billy" Richardson, Johnny Fry, Charles Cliff, Gus Cliff - Ernest and Elaine Hartnagle (original tintype from the Martin E. Ismert Collection - Kansas City, Missouri) - http://www.historybuff.com/library/refrichardson.html

The Pony Express Trails and Stations In Nevada

The Pony Express operated for a very brief period of time from April 3, 1860, to October 26, 1861. The mail service allowed quick delivery…