Mineral Park Arizona – Mohave County Ghost Town

Mineral Park is a ghost town located in Mohave County Arizona founded in 1870. Once started, operations continued until 1912. The journey was tough just to them to get into the area due to the remove location. Prospectors would travel up the Colorado River by steamship and disembark in Hardyville which is overrun by modern Bullhead City, Arizona. Once offloaded, they would need to find their way north about 40 miles across the hot dry desert.

Today, the town site is now covered by a modern mining operation.

Mineral Park, Arizona @1880
Mineral Park, Arizona @1880

The post office was founded on December 31, 1872 and shortly after its formation the town was the county seat for Mohave County. Once mining operations came online, the little town supported a variety of businesses to service operations and the needs of its citizens including lawyers, doctors, blacksmiths, carpenters, hotels, assay offices, smelters saloons and dining halls.

Stamp mill and Mineral Park, Arizona
Stamp mill and Mineral Park, Arizona

The railroards helped boost activity for Mineral Park, when in 1883 rails were installed just 20 miles to the south by the “Atlantic and Pacific” Railroad. The new rail line shortened the distance to transport materials and ore to the location and reduced costs.

Operations continued until 1887 when mine production declined. The county seat was moved to nearby Kingman and the town failed completely in 1912.

The cemetery and some buildings are on private property of the modern mines operations and permission should be sought prior to exploration.

Town Summary

NameMineral Park
LocationMohave County, Arizona
Latitude, Longitude35.3708275, -114.1530103
Elevation4,252 Feet
Post OfficeDecember 31, 1872 – June 15, 1912
NewspaperThe Mohave County Miner

Mineral Park Map


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