Nellis Cove

Nellis Cove Road short east trail from Lake Mead Powerline Road to Nellis Cove on the shore of Lake Mohave, Nevada. The route is fairly flat and easy, a suitable for almost any vehicles. However, you may wish to have some tires which are good in the sand. For those interested, overnight camping is allowed up to 15 days.

Lake Mojave is a wonderful destination to visit during the summer months. The waters of the Lake are cool in temperature and offers a great chance to swim, relax and cool down from the scorching sun of the Mojave. I can speak first hand, that a cold beer in the shade while soaking your feet in the cool water is a wonderful thing.

The beaches of Lake Mohave vary in size depending on the water output of the Hoover and Davis Dams. They beach is built up from sand and decomposing rocks, so beach shoes would be recommended. Nellis Cove camping is large enough to allow 4 – 5 campsites. This is a dry camp site in a desert, so although there is a lake, please be sure to bring plenty of water.

Campground Summary

NameNellis Coe
LocationLake Mohave, Clark County, Nevada
Latitude, Longitude35.403584, -114.659445
Elevation655 feet
Sites4 – 5
AmenitiesVault Toilets

Nellis Cove Trail Map


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