Fay Nevada – Lincoln County Ghost Town

Fay Nevada is a ghost town and gold mining camp located in Lincoln County Nevada near the border with western Utah. The townsite is located about 24 miles each of Pioche at the upper end of the Fay Canyon at a high elevation of 6900 feet.

Fay Nevada - 1910 - The horseshoe mine  is visible on the hill
Fay Nevada – 1910 – The horseshoe mine is visible on the hill

Gold is discovered in the nearby Eagle Valley District and the small mining camp of Deerlodge was founded. In about 1898, Deerlodge was large enough to offer a post office. This initial camp was soon abandoned in 1899 when richer ore is discovered about 1 mile north east of Deerlodge. The new town of Fay was soon founded

Fay Nevada - 1910
Fay Nevada – 1910

The town of Fay was named for the daughter of a major investor. The small camp had a barbershop, four saloons, stage service, general stores and a post office. The town hall hosted singers and orator on occasion to enlighten and entertain the population. The small town was organized around a Main Street which ran North and South following the canyon floor. The principal mine was the Horseshoe mine which operated a 90-tom mill. Later this mill was expanded to 120 tons.

The largest gold production occurred in the initial years of operation from 1900 – 1901. The town continued to have success until 1915. The gold mining town of Fay continued to operated until 1924 when its post office was closed.

Today, Fay can be reached from both Nevada and Utah due to its proximity to the state border. Today, there are few remains of the old gold town, and the townsite of Deerlodge has fewer remans.

Town Summary

TownFay Nevada
Latitude, Longitude37.9080190,-114.0699775
Elevation6926 Feet
Postoffice1901 – 1924
Population99 (1910 Census)

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