Alamo Road

Alamo Road and parts beyond
Alamo Road and parts beyond. Photo by James L Rathbun

The Alamo Road is the central route north through the Desert National Wildlife Refuge north of Las Vegas.  The Route leaves from Corn Creek and winds north over Sheep Pass and into the Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge.  There are many spur trails to explore and several primitive campsites to spend the night.

This road travels just along the eastern boundary of the Nevada Test & Training Range.  Entry into this area is prohibited, so do not travel west from this trail. There are several other shorter trails which leaves Alamo trail toward the east to several side canyons.

The trail is very remote and covers a good distance. The last time we did this trail, cell service died rather quickly outside of Corn Creek. So, be prepared and pack appropriately. I have a CB and a 2M ham radio in the jeep for just such an occasion.

Alamo Road offers access to the following Las Vegas 4×4 Trails:

  • Joe May Road
  • Cow Creek Road
  • Hidden Forest Road
  • White Rock Road
  • Dead Horse Road
  • Sheep Pass
  • Cabin Spring Road

The Mormon Well Road also starts from Corn Creek.

Alamo Road Trail Map

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