Mormon Wells Road

The Mormon Well Road is a long, rough, dirt road that runs across the Desert National Wildlife Range from Corn Creek to Highway 93. The road runs across the desert and over the mountains through some spectacular country, including towering limestone cliffs; broad, flat valleys; and narrow, winding canyons. The road runs through several desert vegetation life zones, starting in the very dry (stunted) Mojave Desert Scrub Zone and climbing to the Yellow Pine (Ponderosa Pine) Zone.

There are primitive campsites at the top of the Pine Nut Road.  This location offers a wonder view of the valley, and there are three distinct large camping spots and perhaps one smaller site which is probably only used as an overflow.

The variety of life zones provides many different habitats for birds and other wildlife.

The Wildlife Refuge used to maintain their roads, but in recent years, funding for maintenance has been directed towards other things (for example, building an unnecessary and expensive new visitor center). As a result, all roads on the DNWR are deteriorating, and during the summer of 2010, the north end of the Mormon Well Road suffered flooding. From the campground north, the road is quite rough, but passable in a 4WD vehicle.


Mormon Wells Road Trail Map

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