Carson City Station – Pony Express Station

Carson City Station was a pony express station located between on Carson Street between Forth and Fifth Street in Carson City, Nevada. Founded in 1858, Carson City was was named for frontiersman, Kit Carson. The town operated as a social and supply center for the nearby mining settlements of the Comstock Lode in the mid-1800’s. In 1864 it was designated the state capital. The station is designated as a home station, where extra horses, firearms, men and provision are kept.

King Street, General View, 1880, Carson City, Carson City, NV
King Street, General View, 1880, Carson City, Carson City, NV

In 1860. the town only had one street, which is lined with a double row of saloons, a few assay offices, a general store, and the hotel. The pony express station operated out of a hotel that located between 4th and 5th Streets, near the original Ormsby House.

Pony Express

Sources generally agree on the identity of Carson City as a pony express stop. Little information is available about the Carson City Station site, which was located on what is now Carson Street between Fourth and Fifth. Bolivar Roberts, division superintendent, used site as a base in March 1860 to hire riders and station keepers. Since he worked as part of a team to build or acquire other stations along the route, Roberts also probably helped established the location.

Carson City, Nevada - 1880
Carson City, Nevada – 1880

NameCarson City Station
LocationCarson City, Nevada
Latitude, Longitude
NPS Statopm Number164
Next Westbound StationGenoa
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