Diamond Springs Station

Diamond Springs Station is a Pony Express Station number 133 and located in a meadow in Eureka County, Nevada. Today the station is on private land which is believed to be owned by Olive Thompson. The station was described by Sir Richard Burton as the Eden of the Pony Express Trail when he visited the site on October 9th, 1860. He also reported that the site was managed by an unfriendly Mormon couple.

Diamond Springs Station
Diamond Springs Station

Compared to other stations, Diamond Springs had a steady source of water which was invaluable in the harsh environment. The elevation of 6200 feet above sea level promoted cooler temperatures for express rider and stage patrons alike.

After the Pony Express service failed, station and its building were utilized by the stage company, Overland Stage and Mail Company. The location was manage by George Francis Cox who also oversaw a telegraph station for a time. When traffic from the stage company stopped, the station was left abandoned.

Sources generally agree on the identity of Diamond Springs Station as a Pony Express station, although for no apparent reason Mabel Loving cites it as Drumong Springs. Richard Burton visited the station on October 9, 1860, and noted its Mormon stationkeepers and the site as a water source. According to Burton, the station was named after the “warm, but sweet and beautifully clear water bubbling up from the earth.” Another source mentions that Diamond Springs received its name from Jack Diamond, a miner and prospector. Edna Patterson lists the stationkeeper as William Cox during the Pony Express era. Cox remained at Diamond Springs when the Overland Telegraph arrived and served as a telegraph operator and maintenance man for stations between Cherry Creek and Roberts Creek, Nevada.

As of 1979, remnants of the station existed in a grove of cottonwoods near the mouth of Telegraph Canyon, and Diamond Springs still flowed nearby. A stone and concrete marker with a brass plaque stands one mile south of the station site.


Station Summary

NameDiamond Springs Station
LocationEureka County, Nevada
Latitude, Longitude39.90632606582513, -115.8587425721883
Elevation6200 feet
Pony Express Station No.133

Diamond Springs Station Map


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