Dish Pan Springs 3N34

Also known as the Deep Creek Trail, Dish Pan Springs offers a short but hardcore trail in Big Bear. Dishpan springs trail contains large boulders and steep rocky climbs and the water crossing at Deep Creek to challenge the driver and the 4×4 on this trail.

Dish Pan Springs, Big Bear, CA
Dish Pan Springs, Big Bear, CA

The Deep Creek crossing on this trail was notorious for drowning engines, stalling trucks and causing everything, including the ‘Dishpan’ to float away.   Since then, the forest service has “improved” the crossing. Crossing Deep Creek is no longer as difficult as it once was since the forest service has built a bridge. sigh…

Directions (East to West):

The Eastern trail head is located out of Crab flats near Green Valley Lake.  From highway 18, take the Green Valley Lake Road.  After about 5 miles take a left on Crab Flats Road and follow the road down about 5 miles to the trail head.

Directions (West to East):

Again from highway 18, take highway 173 into Arrowhead.  Continue on highway 173 until you reach Hook Creek Road.  Turn right onto Hook Creek road and stay on hook creek until you reach the trail head.

A Forest Service Adventure Passes are required if you plan on stopping along the way. As of September 2016, forest visitors parked in standard amenity recreation fee sites in the four southern California national forests must display a valid recreation pass. This includes sites on the Angeles, Cleveland, Los Padres and San Bernardino National Forests. Such is the once great state of California.

Dish Pan Springs Trail Map

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