Hedges California – Imperial County Ghost Town

Previously known as Tumco, Hedges California is a ghost town and former mining town located in Imperial County, California along the Tumco Wash in the Cargo Muchacho Mountains. The Hedges Cemetery is located just out of town to the north east.

[Circa 1905] Tumco Historic Mining Town, California - Hedges California
[Circa 1905] Tumco Historic Mining Town, California – Hedges California

The Spanish first started mining in the western Cargo Muchacho Mountains as early as the 1780s. The Yuma Revolt in 1781 halted early operations until 1823. Mexican prospectors operated in the area at some point prior to 1848.

A mining camp known as Gold Rock was formed in 1884 around the Gold Rock Mine which was discovered by Peter Walters of nearby Ogilby, California. Mr Walters sold his interest in the operations and the mine was renamed Gold Cross in 1892. A stamp mill is constructed by the Golden Cross Mining and Milling Company and soon the town of Hedges was founded. The town is named for C. L Hedges who served as vice president of the Golden Cross Mining and Milling Company.

The town was later named Tumco in 1910. Tumco is an abbreviation of The United Mines Company. The town site and its mines operated on and off up until 1942.

Town Summary

NameHedges, California
AliasGold Rock, Tumco
LocationImperial County, California
AliasTumco – Hedges – Ogilby
Latitude, Longitude32.8793891573, -114.837144612
Elevation575 Feet

California Historical Landmarks

NO. 182 TUMCO MINES – Pete Walters of Ogilby discovered the first gold vein at Gold Rock on January 6, 1884. From his Little Mary Claim began a gold camp which reached its peak development between 1893 and 1899 as Hedges, with 3,200 residents. Nearly closed, 1900-10, it was reopened as Tumco, 1910-13, and worked intermittently until 1941. Tumco has long been a California ghost town.

California Historical Landmarks 

Hedges Town Map


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