Holcomb Valley Road 3N14

Holcomb Valley Road 3N14 takes you through scenic Holcomb Valley
Holcomb Valley Road 3N14 takes you through scenic Holcomb Valley

Holcomb Valley Road 3N14, is a main artery in the road system above and behind Big Bear and with Holcomb Valley in San Bernardino County. This is a very easy route offers access to many trails, campgrounds, hikes and points of interest, including Dishpan Springs in the West and the John Bull, Gold Mountain and Jacoby Canyon Trails in the East.

From the East, the trail is found off of Doble Road near the north end of Baldwin Lake. The trail quickly climbs up to the Holcomb mine and mill sites. From there a quick transverse across Gold Mountain where the 3N14 trail proceeds to run the length of Holcomb Valley.

Holcomb valley is named for William Francis “Grizzly Bill” Holcomb, who, in 1860 discovered gold in the area. The prospecting life can be tough, and this is not different in the valley which would be named for Grizzly bill. This discovery started a gold rush and soon the town of Belleville was founded. The town reached a size on 1500 people, boasted 50 murders and contained a “Hanging Tree” where the guilty met their justice.

A Forest Service Adventure Passes are required if you plan on stopping along the way. As of September 2016, forest visitors parked in standard amenity recreation fee sites in the four southern California national forests must display a valid recreation pass. This includes sites on the Angeles, Cleveland, Los Padres and San Bernardino National Forests. Such is the once great state of California.

Holcomb Valley Road Trail Map


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