Lippincott Mine Road

Lippencott Mine Road

Lippincott Mine Road

This is a one way road from Death Valley’s Racetrack Playa to Saline Valley. It is a steep trail which is not for the novice or the feint of heart. Greeting you at the trail head is a sign which reads:


Lippincott Pass

4×4 High Clearance

No Tow Service


Experienced drivers using 4×4 high clearance vehicles only.  What traveler in their right mind could resist a challenge like this? Provided you are equipped to do so.

Lippincott Mine

Lippincott Mine

The top of Lippincott Mine road starts at the end of the Racetrack Valley road and descends into the west towards Saline Valley.  The road is steep and narrow but is not too technical.  At the top of the route is the Lippencott Mine site which gives the road it’s name.  The Lippincott Mine offers great views of both Saline and RaceTrack Valley.  There are several structures, and mines to explore and a lot of time could be spent exploring the site on foot.  The Homestake dry camps offers a great spot of overnight in the area for those of us who are so inclined.

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