Van Sickle’s Station – Pony Express

The Van Sickle’s Station is the second Pony Express Station encountered when traveling east from Friday’s Station at the California/Nevada State Line. The Van Sickle Station is located at the bottom of Old Kingsbury Grade in Carson Valley.

Van Sickle's Station 1870
Van Sickle’s Station 1870

In 1857, rancher Henry Van Sickle built a two-story hotel to server traveler’s on their way to California. The building contained with a bar, kitchen and a store. The location is well suited as a rest stop before the climb over the high Sierra Nevada. The location served as a Pony Express in 1860, where the riders could stop to change horses. The National Park Service does not list this station on their website, so it’s active participation in the Pony Express could be in doubt. The National Pony Express Associate does list this location as a station for the pony express. This station may be on some lists as the riders would travel near the location, and it could serve as a navigation point.

Henry Van Sickle killed the outlaw and murderer Sam Brown on July 6th, 1860. Van Sickle is fully exonerated on July 8th, 1860, when the coroners jury found “Death by a just dispensation of an all-wise providence at his own expense”.

Over time, the hotel fell into disrepair and was eventually torn down in 1909.  Today, much of the history surrounding this property has been preserved in the current residence which was re-constructed in 1944 from the still standing stone store, warehouse, bar and blacksmith buildings of the original station, using the original hand-hewn beams and stone from the old quarry

Van Sickle’s Station Trail Map

Location Summary

NameVan Sickle’s Station
LocationDouglas County, Nevada
Latitude, Longitude38.9415, -119.8382
Next Westbound Station Friday’s Station
Next Eastbound StationGenoa Station


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