Hole in the Rock

Recognized on the National Register of Historic Places, the Hole in the Rock trail is an old Mormon trail that was used to establish colonies on the east side of the Colorado River in 1979. The Hole in the Rock from which the trail is named, is a narrow canyon from the rim of the canyon down into the Colorado River Valley. This canyon provided access to the Colorado River and the much needed water require to survive in these remote locations. Months were spent widening the narrow canyon to allow “safe” passage of all the wagons and cattle.


Hole in the Rock Trail offers some amazing vistas, Lake Powell, Utah

Hole in the Rock Trail offers some amazing vistas and Lake Powell and its tributory rivers and canyons, Lake Powell, Utah


The original trail was bisected when the Glen Canyon damn bottled the Colorado River and started to fill up Lake Powell in 1966. However, the Hole in the Rock Road continues to exist and allows access to the Escalante Canyon system, along with access to the Devils Garden, numerous slot canyons and lots of back country hiking and camping opportunities.

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