Candelaria and Metallic City NSHM Marker #92

Candelaria and Metallic City NSHM is Nevada State Historical Marker number ninety two and is located in Mineral County, Nevada.

Main street buildings of Candelaria, probably in the early 1880s - Candelaria and Metallic City
Main street buildings of Candelaria, probably in the early 1880s

Nevada State Historical Markers identify significant places of interest in Nevada’s history. The Nevada State Legislature started the program in 1967 to bring the state’s heritage to the public’s attention with on-site markers. Budget cuts to the program caused the program to become dormant in 2009. Many of the markers are lost of damaged.

Seven miles to the west lie the ghost towns of Candelaria and Metallic City.

Candelaria was presumably named after a mine of that name located in 1885, and also after the Catholic Candlemas Day. Metallic City, the “sin city” of Candelaria, and also known as Pickhandle Gulch, lies 3/4 mile to the south Candelaria. The name, pickhandle, was derived from the most popular weapon used for settling disputes.

In 1880, Candelaria was the largest town in the immediate area and boasted of having 3 doctors, 3 lawyers, 2 hotels, 6 stores and 10 saloons. Water piped from Trail Canyon in 1882 caused the price of water to drop from $1.00 to $0.05 per gallon.

The leading mine, the Northern Belle, was first located in 1864 (relocated in 1870). It is reported to have produced an estimated $7 million, mainly in silver.


Nevada State Historic Marker Map

Ghost Town Summary

NameCandelaria and Metallic City, Nevada
LocationMineral County, Nevada
Latitude, Longitude38.2080, -118.0011


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