Millville Arizona

Millville Arizona is a ghost town and sister city to Charleston, Arizona located along the San Pedro River, in Cochise County, Arizona. Charleston served as a type of residential community to Millville, while Millville served as a silver ore processing center for the silver mines of Tombstone, Arizona.

Millville, sister town to Charleston located just across the San Pedro River, circa 1880
Millville, sister town to Charleston located just across the San Pedro River, circa 1880

Millville is built to process ore from nearby Tombstone, which is located about 9 miles northeast of Charleston. The stamp mills in Millville is owned by Tombstone Mill and Mining Company and Corbin Mill and Mining Company started operations in 1879. Peak operations are from 1881 – 1882 where the mills processed 1.4 million dollars in silver bullion

In 1886 the silver mines in Tombstone flooded with water. The mills in Millville were forced to shut down, and Charleston and Millville went into steep decline. In the 1890’s, Charleston and Millville are abandoned and considered a ghost towns. Charleston was briefly inhabited in the 1890s by a small population of Mexican immigrants who used the remaining wooden structures as firewood.

Millville Town Summary

NameMillville, Arizona
LocationCochise County, Arizona
Latitude, Longitude31.6350, -110.1737
Elevation1216 meters / 3990 feet
Post OfficeMay 26, 1879 – May 3, 1880

Millville Trail Map

Millville is located about 9 miles southwest of Tombstone, Arizona. Charleston and Millville are not accessible by car and can only be reached by hiking up the San Pedro River. The Bureau of Land Management has begun maintaining trails to and from the area. 


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