Rhyolite, Nevada 1909

Rhyolite, Nevada 1909

For those not in the know, Nevada is one of the great 4×4 destinations you can find.  It has a long and right history and features many ghost towns and old mining camps.  Combined with a lower state population, this translates into vast tracks of land which is yours to explore, and the odds of running into a ton of others is remote.  But you have to be prepared for the climate and rough terrain.

Esmeralda County

Esmeralda County was one of the first counties in Nevada when it was founded in 1861.  The country was named after Esmeralda the gypsy dancer from the Victor Hugo novel The Hunchback of Notre Dame by James Manning Cory, a California Miner from San Jose.  The original jurisdiction was in the...

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Mineral County

Mineral County is located on the western edge of Nevada, and located about half way up and borders with California.  Mineral county was carved out of Esmeralda County in 1911 shortly after the county seat of Esmeralda was moved to Goldfield in 1907.  Mineral currently 3,813 square miles and boasts...

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Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Lake Mead National Recreation Area includes Hoover Dam, the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge and the Black Canyon which is continually carved by the Colorado River.

Be aware that Lake Mead is a national recreation area.  There exist a lot of back country roads in the area, but not all of them...

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Nye County

Nye County is named after James W. Nye and established in 1864.  James W. Nye served as the first governor of the Nevada Territory.  Nye county is sparsely populated and home of the Nevada Test Site, Area 51 and Yucca Mountain.

Nye County 4×4 Trails

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Nye County Area Map

[map style="width: auto;...

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Las Vegas - Clark County

Beyond the bright lights of the Las Vegas Strip, the Southern Nevada District Office manages more than three million acres of Mojave Desert in Clark and Nye counties. The scenery varies from dramatically colorful geologic land forms and largely unspoiled panoramic vistas of Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area to...

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Nevada 4×4 Destinations and Trailmap

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